In the days of constant interconnectedness and the ability to constantly access all information, it is becoming increasingly important to take a break.

While it may seem imperative to gain an understanding of the ongoing events in our nation and across the globe, most of this news is deeply misconstrued to the point of being completely false. Sure, it is a great practice to perform your own research and test your critical thinking ability; however, in an age of mass manipulation I can assure you that deleting your news apps and sparingly watching the news will allow you to think about many more relevant things pertaining to your personal life.

You could find a new hobby instead of arguing about politics on Facebook, have a productive two-way conversation instead of aimlessly scrolling through your Twitter feed, practice some mindfulness techniques, or even read a book.

America is notorious for its busy culture and obsession over efficiency, ease, and instant results. This type of culture perpetually creates stress due to constantly thinking about your next task or somewhere you’re supposed to be; incessantly checking the time or being on the move is a perfect recipe for a cluttered mind 24/7. If you believe you suffer from anxiety, stress, or over-thinking, the solution to resolving these issues may be as easy as putting your phone down. Being constantly bombarded with fabricated imagery and information causes your mind to run too quickly, ultimately destroying your ability to focus for long periods of time.

If you can distract yourself with productive activities, it will do wonders for your mental health and overall awareness. Coming back to consciousness after flooding your head with whatever is on your phone, computer or TV is so vital in terms of reevaluating your reality. It is definitely a difficult task for many people, but checking out for a little bit is a crucial exercise. A simple reboot may be all you need to add some clarity to your thoughts or spur some creativity. Reducing your exposure to distractions will allow you to really see what is vital to your daily life and what is not.

We are all college students with a load of added commitments on top of academics—I get that. So why add even more stimuli?


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