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When one typically thinks of Shakespeare, they think of a somewhat boring text that they have to read in English class. However, this fall a new and very unique interpretation of Macbeth will take place here at Lake Forest College.

In the Shakespeare class last semester, the students were assigned a paper on a Shakespeare play they hadn’t read in class. Tyler Madeley ’18 chose to write about Macbeth, and to take a “strange approach to it,” which didn’t exactly follow the guidelines. Associate Professor of English and Theater Richard Pettengill asked to meet with him, which prompted Madeley to think that he had failed the paper. However, Pettengill recognized the passion that went into the paper, and decided to let Tyler direct Macbeth as the fall play. The first play of the year typically isn’t directed by a student, making this especially exciting. According to Pettengill, Madeley was “born to direct this show.”

In addition to being student-directed, other aspects of the play make it more than just your typical Shakespearean tragedy.

“We’ve gotten rid of gender roles,” Madeley said. This is evident as Kanoe Montaño ’18 will play the title character, Macbeth, who is traditionally played by a man. Madeley has both “added a lot that we’ve written” and “cut it down to about 95 minutes.” According to cast member Fernand Qvyjt ’20, certain roles were combined in order to “reduce the number of foreign names the audience would have to memorize as well as keep the story simplistic.” While the play has its roots in Shakespeare’s play, changes have been made to make it Tyler’s own creation.

Last spring, Madeley wrote and directed Post-Mortem, a dark, yet stunningly beautiful play about life and death. According to Qvyjt, Madeley was “inspired by famous horror films such as Psycho, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Friday the 13th,” which might explain the dark influences in his work. No matter where the inspiration comes from, Madeley’s newest show comes just time for Halloween.

The show will run from October 26–28 and November 2–4, with a special showing late at night on October 30. It will definitely be a unique spin on the classic Shakespearean play, so come out to Hixon Hall to support the cast, crew, and director.

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