What started out as one student’s “hobby” is now a hub of discovery for music lovers.

Fatima Hasan ‘18 recently founded The Good Music Collectiv, “an online music media company that is inspired by electronic music.”
An incorporated LLC as of June 2017, the Collective features “written coverage on relevant news, album releases, local shows, festivals across the nation, and artist interviews/spotlights.”Hasan said her business was inspired by her long-held love for electronic music.

“I’ve been heavily involved in the electronic music scene since I attended my first festival, summer (after) 8th grade….I loved the versatility of the music, all of the subgenres that fell into the ‘electronic music’ category,” she said.

But more than just sharing her love for music, Hasan’s business focuses on unique and engaging content.

“With so much saturation in the market, I’m always trying to think of new ways to make us stand out,” she shared.

“We create specially curated playlists, and really try to filter through as much music as possible for our fans to constantly have the opportunity to listen to something new and different. ”

Part of the music discovery process involves attending music festivals, which Hasan said is her favorite part of working the business. The Good Music Collectiv had the opportunity to work media at festivals in several states across the U.S., from Sonic Bloom and Global Dance in Colorado, to Summer Camp in Illinois.

“Working media at festivals also opens up the possibility for me to reach out to artists for interviews,” Hasan said, referencing a soon-to-be published, exclusive interview with Lake Forest College alum, Alex Shiplett (MUNZ).

Though she is passionate about electronic music, Hasan said that she’s seen the industry lose some of its authenticity.

“It’s unfortunate to see a lot of old-school artists sell out along with the popular media outlets that report on them. They’re forgetting about what makes the genre so great, and that’s what we’re trying to bring back. The community, discovering new music, inclusion, and positivity.”

Whether through honing photography skills, or expanding marketing opportunities, Hasan “intend(s) to keep the company as dynamic as possible for the future.”

“In the extended future, I can easily see The Good Music Collectiv becoming a record label…but, for now, my goal is to build up a strong following.”

The Collectiv’s fanbase is increasing rapidly, with over 1,000 followers on Instagram and hundreds on SoundCloud, but for Hassan, the company remains a “platform where I could share my passion with the world,” she said.

And for other dreamers, she advises: “If you have an idea, a dream, something that you think you can do that’ll be different than what’s out there right now…DO IT. Odds are, people will see your passion and appreciate what you have to offer.”

The Good Music Collectiv is on Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Twitter. Their official site can be accessed at:

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