Lake Forest College undoubtedly has one of the most beautiful campuses in the Midwest. With so many trees, interesting buildings, and large grassy spaces, the campus is truly a sight to be seen. However, when it comes to special places on campus, there is so much more than what initially meets the eye.

Many students have found favorite locations to think and meditate in, both on and very near campus. Will Horta ’20 said that his favorite place on campus “would be the meditation area right in front of Reid Chapel.

Many students have found the benches surrounding Reid Hall to be good places to think. Fernand Qvyjt ’20 said that the benches are “very contemplative. I love the quotes that are on some of the benches. They offer a starting point in your thoughts, which then gradually build and build.”

Other students have found different locations for quiet thought, such as Ryan Zunker ’20, who cites the balcony of the Calvin Durand Wood Lounge as his favorite location. “There is usually no one up there, and it’s super cozy and nice,” he said.

When it comes to locations close to campus, Qvyjt particularly enjoys sitting on the benches of First Presbyterian Church. “As a spiritual and religious person, I love sitting among nature and being curious about the many wonders of the world,” said Qvyjt.

Horta agrees with this point. “Lake Forest is basically one large sanctuary of sorts,” he said. “There are lots of spots to get in touch with nature. I think that if you’re spiritually minded, this is a great place.”

Students have many reasons to go off by themselves to think. Some like to contemplate deeper life questions or think about who they really are. Others simply like to clear their head of the stresses that come with being a college student. “[Thinking] allows me to see and perceive things that rarely can you notice with the hustle and bustle of college life,” Horta said. Meditation and introspective thinking are very old traditions, so it’s no surprise that some students are drawn to it.

Of course, not every student likes to go off and sit amongst nature to figure things out. There are plenty of options, and this is just one of them. Still, it’s worth a try. Next time you feel the need to just unwind and think, take a quiet walk by yourself. Look around, clear your head, open up your heart, and take in the beauty of our campus.


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