Students will have the chance to revel in the haunted enchantments of Lake Forest College at midnight on October 29 with ghost hunter Christopher Moon, just in time to truly celebrate the spirit of Halloween.

“The Ghost Hunter is an event that will include palm readers, the movie Annabelle: Creation, a presentation on haunting around the country and Christopher Moon’s experience,” Vice President of Student Programming Board (SPB) Alexa Bruni ’19 said, encouraging students to participate in upcoming Halloween-themed events hosted by SPB. “The students will also go on a ghost hunt of Lily Reid Holt Memorial Chapel.”  

Moon, the event headliner and popular ghost hunter invited to many college campuses, is famous for videos on his YouTube channel and paranormal TV shows. This will be his fifth visit to the College. According to his biography on Hinsdale House’s website, Moon was a guest star on TV shows including Paranormal State, Door to the Dead, and the Today show.

He often partners with his mother, known as Mamma Moon, to complete projects like their book, Ghost Box: Voices From Spirits, ETs, Shadow People & Other Astral Beings. Together, the duo is touring college campuses during the Halloween season and guest-starring on Beyond Reality Radio.

“Every time Moon has been here we have filled the chapel,” Bruni said. “He has hunted in other locations such as Glen Rowan House, North Campus, the library, Hixon Hall, and the well-known Sheridan Road Ghost.”

Bruni assures the show will be entertaining for those skeptical of paranormal occurrences. “It is certainly an interesting presentation that you wouldn’t want to miss,” Bruni said. “This presentation will explore the potential paranormal activity on campus.”

Moon’s website describes his visit to the campus as including evidence and first-person accounts of paranormal encounters, as well as tarot card readings conducted by Mamma Moon while Moon takes a group of students on a ghost hunt across campus.

Interested students can head to the Mohr Student Center at midnight.

Other seasonal events, some of which are planned by SPB, will be available to students between October 20 and 31, such as:

  • Halloween ACP on October 21
  • Halloween Capture the Flag on October 25
  • DIY Halloween Projects on October 26

Bruni anticipates the success of these upcoming events, and hopes to invite Moon back for future appearances around the spooky season on campus.

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